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DIXI, výroba plastových obalů a.s.
DIXI, výroba plastových obalů a.s.
12.June 2011> NEW - plastic spray bottles 500, 750 ml HD-PE, PETNEW - plastic spray bottles 500, 750 ml HD-PE, PET We have finished a new series of plastic bottles to the names of ZINA..
29.December 2010> Bottle spray ZINA 500 ml PETBottle spray ZINA 500 ml PET Others offer new packaging for various applications. ZINA 500 ml PET. More information...
30.August 2010> Plastic bottle of winePlastic bottle of wine News for all wine-producers in the Czech market. Plastic bottles of wine, 0.7 and 1 liter of wine for the performance.
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Jan Kašník company - DIXI was established in 1990 and produces plastic bottles, cans, barrels, tubes, bowls and special packaging to order according to customer requirements. We will prepare a complete design solution from the bottle to its production. We produce plastic containers made of PP, PE and PET for food, wine, Drugs, household chemicals, cosmetics, car cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other industries. We have a quality system ISO 9001/2008 and pay attention to the high quality of our products.
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